Lighting Control

Save Big and Be More Secure with Lighting Control

Whether you're looking for more security or a way of saving big on your energy bills, lighting control offers a solution for you.

Timing your lighting routines can save you up to 20% on your power bills, while turning on your lights from a switch in your car, or from your iPod or other remote when you hear a noise in the night, can offer a new sense of security. Light a path into dark rooms, use occupancy sensors in your bathrooms, time your kitchen lighting to wake with you in the morning...the possibilities are endless.

Remotely controlled lighting will also offer you freedom in the living and bedrooms-no more fumbling around in the dark!

Automated Lighting

Automated Lighting for the Office or Retail Environment

If your office building, or retail setting is trying to cut back on bills, lighting control is an obvious update! Keep the bathrooms dark unless in use, as well as offices, dressing rooms, and more.

Timing lights to working hours can be overridden for those working overtime, but ensuring the lights go out otherwise can save more than replacing bulbs with CFLs-which can be hazardous. Did we mention dimming options? We can do it all.