Security Monitoring

Did you know that security monitoring can save you as much as 20% on your homeowners insurance? We will take care of all of the savings for you. We offer a competitive monthly rate with many benefits that the larger companies cant offer. Call or Email us today to start your home protection.

Security Testing

Every security system needs to be regularly tested to make sure that is functioning correctly. Let us come out and make sure that you are completely protected. We are now offering a five point inspection that will test and confirm all aspects of your security. Call or Email us today to schedule your free in home test.

Residential and Commercial Security

Security needs vary from client to client. Your main concerns may be personal safety, protection of your property, or providing for someone living on their own. We serve security customers in Greensboro, Burlington, Winston-Salem, High Point and surrounding areas.

Customizing a total security package is our specialty, from the simplest "perimeter" system to more complex applications. We can provide the level of security to fit your needs. We have the experience and skills to eliminate the weakest link common to conventional security systems.

Camera Systems

Camera Systems

We have many different styles of camera and recording devices. We can record on site for you or record to an offsite location.

If you don't need constant recording or if you want to look and see what is going on we offer remote access to your cameras. Want to know when you kids get home safely? We can send you a text message video of your child when they come in the front door and more.

Call or Email us today so we can help you to create the perfect system.

Voice Arrest Sound Masking System

Better Technology Means Better Acoustic Privacy

Most business owners or managers check out the aesthetic look and feel of a building, as well as the physical square footage when choosing an office in an effort to find the best space for their workers and company. All too often they overlook acoustics and speech privacy, never realizing what a high cost an overly noisy office demands or the lack of confidential privacy office-wide.

The VoiceArrest Advantage

The VoiceArrest Advantage

The absolute most effective (and likely least expensive, since it doesn't alter existing walls or flooring) means of dealing with unwanted noise is covering. Covering solutions - the "C" in ABCs - have been around since the Romans installed fountains in their villas to drown out the noise of the crowds in their streets, and sound masking technology has evolved considerably since then. Modern sound masking solutions were initially developed by the Department of Defense and have been in wide use since the 1960s. The VoiceArrest system combines the latest innovations in speaker technology with a highly-targeted frequency spectrum to provide the most effective sound masking technology to date.

Learn more about the VoiceArrest White Noise System, or contact us to find out what the VoiceArrest Sound Masking System can do for your facility!

Call or Email us today so we can help you to create the perfect system.