I used Drew to update my current alarm system and had him install a new camera system. He did an excellent job was very professional. I like the fact that he does not take short cuts. He does the job "Right." He is available when I have questions and follows up with me. I had an overall great experience and would recommend him highly.

I am very satisfied with the work done and quality of installation.

Marc Cobb

I bought a home security system and and home theater package from Drew. The alarm went in perfectly and it was nice because I didn't need a land line for my alarm. The monthly cost to monitor was very reasonable, and it gives my wife and I peace of mind when we are home and away. As for the sound system, it was what completed my man cave. The only drawback is my kids get to use it more than me. The in wall speakers do not take up any valuable floor space, and look awesome. I will call Drew to get my TV and universal remote from him. He is a true professional who obviously takes pride in his work.

Lane Watkins

Brought tv's and complete home entertainment system including speakers, etc. and home security system.

Came on time, cleaned up when services were complete!

Steve Sims