Whole House Audio

Whole House Audio

Tower, In-Ceiling, and In-Wall Speakers

Whatever your needs are with speakers, we carry a full line of every kind of speaker that you already know-and maybe some you don't! Our business is knowing speakers and sound. We invest a great deal of time into finding and providing the very best in audio for all budgets.

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Sonos Control

Sonos is the magic box that you have been looking for. Using Sonos we can give you access to thousands of internet radio stations, Pandora, XM/Sirius, local stations, your iTunes library and more. The best part is there's an app for that-this app makes a remote for your system out of your smart phone, iPod, computer or the Sonos hand held controller. No more going into the equipment closet to pick a different song.

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Distributed Audio

From one room to twenty, we provide audio in any room-indoors and out. We also offer several customizable options for your system, from just simple volume control to very sophisticated real time information displays of your music data.

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Custom Brands

We offer many brands that you can't get at your local big box retailer. These brands answer to a higher calling. They provide us with better sound and overall products than some commonly sold brands. We offer a long line of custom brands and are constantly searching for the most value to match your custom needs.

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SpeakerCraft has been helping people enjoy their home and make it uniquely theirs by offering the finest in home audio speakers and components for the past 30 years. Take one look at their products, and it shows. Their motivation: a love for music and movies. Speakercraft products can bring the family together, while adding value to your home.



We're not at your local "Big Box" store, we don't sell our products on the internet and we don't advertise in magazines.

Product performance isn't just about the product. It's about the placement, the installation and the integration with other components. Selected and installed correctly, our products will exceed your expectations. They'll make you rediscover music, inspire you to invite friends over for the big game, and compel you to make popcorn and watch a movie on a Tuesday.

And we're not willing to settle for anything less.